Sunday, October 18, 2009

Colored Pencil Caddy

I love to have everything all laid out for school. I function better. If I plan it out the night before or the early morning of then things move along nicely.  So last night I took a gumption and decided to make something to put our colored pencils in on the table so the children would be able to access them without having to drag out a whole drawer-full.
It's super simple.
Four empty cans with no sharp edges.
Hot glued where the sides touch.
Then to make it pretty, I wound yarn tightly around the outside.
You could use lots of other materials besides yarn... you could use twine, rope, ribbon... whatever you have on hand.
I couldn't be happier with it, although now I am thinking we might need a few more for pencils, markers, scissors.... :)
Have a fantastic day friends. 
Time for school :)


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