Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bulk Cooking

I recently checked out a book from the library that sparked my interest.
I enjoy bulk cooking. It is a bit of work the day you do it, but such ease afterwards.
We had quite a lot of leftovers from our Thanksgiving dinners and so I took many of my leftovers and leftover ingredients and was able to make up 4 meals for my family. 3 for the freezer and one for last nights supper.
The book is Fix, Freeze, Feast: More than 125 Recipes
~Which by the way is on sale at Vision Forum right now for $10.50! Huge sale going on for another couple of days!~
There are many good looking recipes in the book and I am interested in trying out several of them as well as putting this book on my Christmas list. :)
2 Turkey Pot Pies and 2 Lasagnas (I will add a biscuit topping when I bring out the Pot Pies to bake)
Such a great sense of satisfaction comes from using up what you have and making wonderfully yummy and nutritious meals for your family.
It makes for a happy family and a VERY happy Moma when all I have to do is pull out a meal from the freezer on those days that seem to not go quite right. :)
My Cup Runneth Over...

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