Friday, October 30, 2009

My Seven Year Old Son

Moma’s Son is 7! 
I stand amazed at the young man he is becoming. So tall, so smart, so kind. God’s goodness swells in my chest when I think about it… so much that my eyes begin to tear up. What an amazing journey. Motherhood is the most wonderful gift. I enjoy it beyond measure. 
My Cup Runneth Over…


Friday, October 23, 2009

Little Crocheted Pumpkin

I tell you… I dream up some things and sometimes they come out dandy, and sometimes they come out dreadful. 
I have had this little jewel in my head for a while now, just waiting on some orange yarn to bring it to life.
I think it turned out quite precious.
It is sewn on to a 24 month white onesie. The pumpkin is my own design, my first crochet pattern!  woo hoo!
A great addition to your little ones clothing that can be worn all through the fall season and into Thanksgiving! 
Have a beautiful weekend!


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Colored Pencil Caddy

I love to have everything all laid out for school. I function better. If I plan it out the night before or the early morning of then things move along nicely.  So last night I took a gumption and decided to make something to put our colored pencils in on the table so the children would be able to access them without having to drag out a whole drawer-full.
It's super simple.
Four empty cans with no sharp edges.
Hot glued where the sides touch.
Then to make it pretty, I wound yarn tightly around the outside.
You could use lots of other materials besides yarn... you could use twine, rope, ribbon... whatever you have on hand.
I couldn't be happier with it, although now I am thinking we might need a few more for pencils, markers, scissors.... :)
Have a fantastic day friends. 
Time for school :)


Friday, October 9, 2009

Learning about history

Last week before we were all knocked out from the stomach flu we had some fun with our history.  We read about the Phoenicians… One of the great trade items the Phoenicians had was a beautiful red-purple cloth. They would take expensive, luxurious fabrics and dye them and sell them quite successfully. The only drawback to this task was how they dyed them…. ACK!
They would catch snails called the murex snail in the Mediterranean Sea and by the net-fulls they would sit and rot…. blech!  Once they would rot there would be this goo that would rise to the top and it was a substance that they used to dye the fabric. 
Messy business….
Thus Phoenicia was a stinky, smelly city.
So to help make our lesson really stink, er, I mean stick the children and I made up our own stinky dye!
We took strawberries and blueberries to make a reddish-purple color and then we added our own stink of garlic!

We came out with a beautiful color and a lot of good memories in the making. I don’t think the kids will forget about this lesson for a while…
Enjoy your week!