Saturday, August 29, 2009

More History Fun

We have History on M,W, and Friday’s… Friday is usually a wrap up and quiz. On last weeks wrap up we were supposed to make a cake map of the Nile!  What a fun project for us…
We started with just a boxed cake mix baked in a sheet pan so we would have more of an area to work with.
At the top of course is the Mediterranean Sea and then we attempted to mimic the Nile… we know that if you are in Egypt or know anything about the area, the Nile appears to run UP instead of down. 
And that Upper Egypt is actually much more Southern than Lower Egypt (The Egyptians named the areas that because of the elevation).
Eli is mixing up some more ‘sand’ frosting.
Then we marked off important places in Egypt…. 
The Great Hall at Karnak
Abu Simbel (where Ramses the Great built a HUGE tomb)
And several more!
It was a really fun project and it helped the information stick… 
I LOVE it when that happens. :) 
I gave them an A+… great fun, great learning! :) 


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