Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Arts of Virtue~How to Knit

Knitting has been one of the arts that I have been afraid of... not quite understanding the many different needles, or using two needles at a time thing
I have been a mediocre crocheter for as long as I can remember so knitting has been uncharted territory.
But since it is an art that seems to have been made 'popular' again, I will feature it today.
Nope, you will not see a video of me clumsy-ily fingering through casting on and knit 1... but rather I am going to point you to a fine set of videos teaching the art better than I ever could.
How to Knit
This site has some very basic and easy to follow videos that really do help you begin to get the feel of knitting. I can't tell you that I prefer knitting needles over my handy crochet hook yet, but I can tell you that I love a challenge and so I am eagerly learning. :)
Dishcloths are a favorite handmade item of mine...
A- because they whip up rather quickly
B- because you can use them for SO many things
C-can you really ever have enough???
Above is one of my first knitting projects and a bar of handmade soap from a dear, sweet cousin of mine :).
If you haven't tried your hand at knitting yet, give it a go. Learn something new...
If you are like me and it just hasn't completely become second nature, come along and try with me... Challenge yourself. :)
If you don't care to learn, visit me at my etsy and send me a request and I can make you something. :) hee hee, shameless plug, I know, but really... email me! :)
Blessings and happy stitching!!!

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