Saturday, February 21, 2009

A new dress for dumplin...

When I was at the fabric store last, I found this remnant of fabric that just said… 
 And I did,  I do! 
I loved its groovy colors… the almost Monet look. It reminds me of it water lilies.
I said… OH, I know exactly what I am going to do with this little smidge of fabric. I am going to make a dress for Carlie Jean.
I used a pattern from Samantha at The Handmade Dress, Miss Madeline. TOO CUTE!
I wanted to make an apron for the front, like she gives an option, but I was really pleased with how it was looking without the apron, so this one is without…the next one will be with. :) 
Carlie Jean put it on and said,
"Oh, Moma! I LOVE it!" :) 
And begged to not take it off. :) 
Here is a close up of the fabric and the polka dotted fabric that I used for the waist band.
I am MORE than pleased with it.
I can’t wait to try another, and if I can find anymore of this fabric, I am going to attempt to make the pattern in a size for Cameo and myself! :) 
Hey, I won’t know unless I try!


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