Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It's Groovy baby...

The kids and I are still learning about Venus.
Now don’t go and  get that Bananarama song stuck in your head… 
Yeah, baby, she’s got it…
I warned you!
I’m your Venus, I’m your fire…
Stop, stop now!  :)
Ok, so as I said, we are studying Venus and Venus is Chock-FULL of volcano’s. It’s the hottest planet in the Solar-System! Hot lava all over the place.
So I thought we should make our own lava lamps for fun.
We started with this…
A clean jar
Oil (cheap oil)
Food coloring
Effervescent tablets
Cute kids… not a requirement but a great bonus if you have them! :) 
Take your jar and fill it half full with oil.
Then, add water til your jar is 3/4 full (yeah, we’re doing math!)
Now what is happening?
What do you say? The water and the oil are separating? (SCIENCE!)
Cool, huh?
Drop in a couple to eight drops of food coloring and stare intently like Abram!
(The boy’s jar is a bit cloudy because we shook it a lot in the beginning)
Weird… they bead up for a while and look like eggs floating around in a strange goo.
Plop in an alka-seltzer and watch the show!
It’s alive, It’s ALIVE!
Here’s a picture of the girls jar, it looks a bit clearer and a little less like gamma radiation that was used in The Hulk.
Once it quits bubbling you can pop your lid on and rock it back and forth and watch the lava flow. 
And smile because you will have some pretty amazed kids and some pretty nifty projects.
Have fun!


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