Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Anniversary to us...

Good Morning Friends… You might have been wondering where I was yesterday.  I had full intentions of coming by, but I just did not get to…
Yes, yesterday was our Anniversary! 
Sadly we spent most of it at the Doctor for Shannon’s injury.  The Eye Doctor could not get his eye to go to 20/20, but it was because he has a stunned optic nerve.  She said the blow to the face caused that of course. 
Praise The Lord when we got to his next doctor, she said his CT scan was good, no bleeding on the brain.  Which was a worry because of his light headedness and dizziness. We just Praise God!!  The doctor’s believe him to be able to recover fully, but he is still a ways away.  He has went in to work today, they may send him home because of the MANY restrictions he is on until his next doctor visit Monday.
So please, continue to pray for him.
All of our day was not doctors and work issues, we had WONDERFUL babysitters for the children who urged us to do something fun before we came home, so we went to watch The Dark Knight… it was SO scary, and NOT for children!! I am glad we were alone! 
Then we came home and organized our closet together… aren’t we romantic?
I tell you, that spoke to my Love Language though!!  I love organization!!!!! :) 
But before we hit the hay at um, like 9:30… haha (for real!) we toasted our love to one another… Cameo got out our wedding glasses, and our cake topper for a pretty background… and I had the Sparkling Grape Juice chilled (got it on clearance! WOOT!) and we had a special little moment to ourselves.
Trips to the Caribbean are nice, fancy jewelery is fine, but just give me my beloved… he is enough of a gift for me!!!!
I LOVE You Shannon!!!!!
Have a lovely day everyone and go give your spouse a squeeze if he is close by!