Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Tribute to my Daughter on her Birthday

You blessed our lives eleven years ago today.  You were such a beautiful baby.  Everyone at church was so excited because there had not been any babies for a while until you… 
Over the years you have grown… more wonderful and beautiful every day.  You have such a tender heart, you get that from your Moma. 
You have such a love for animals and you are so nurturing and loving.  You also, tend to like to have things in such a way… you get that from your Moma too! 
You are the apple of my eye, Cameo.I love being your Mother, I love being able to hold you and comfort you when you are sad.  I love being able to laugh with you when we are being silly, I love you even when you are a ‘grumpy bear’.  Remember when you were little and would wake up and I would ask you how you were… you would sometimes say you were a ‘grumpy bear’… I love you, my wonderful Cameo.
You are my first little love, you hold a special place in my heart.  You are such a fantastic big sister, you are a terrific little Moma in training…
Your brothers and sister look up to you sooooo much
Cameo, I hope today is so special for you.  I want it to be a great birthday… I love you so much.
Happy Birthday my wonderful, beautiful, precious Cameo.
Your Moma
May 29, 2008


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Kids are funny...

Our Abram has been different than all the rest of our children, they all would take naps during the day and then sleep fine at night, going to bed around 8:30 or 9:00 pm.  Not Abe, he for the longest time would not fall asleep during nap time and then I would have wasted a rather long time trying to get him to sleep and I would feel crummy because I dozed off and he did not.  So I stopped trying to make him nap during the day, it helps to wear him out more and now he sleeps much better at night… I hate it, I know he needs a nap, but I don’t know any other way around it.  
Well, we had been outside for a great deal of the day yesterday, gardening and cleaning and digging and such and after supper when I was cleaning up he wanted to color.  Look at what I found after he was coloring for a minute or so…
Sound asleep, crayon in hand, still leaned over the table, and still grubby as everything from playing in the dirt… So sweet I had to take a picture. 
Have a great day everyone!