Friday, April 25, 2008

Simple Life

The morning fresh and sweet with its kiss of moisture in the air, the beautiful sunrise and the song of the birds…. God is good!  Today I want to talk with you about my journey to Simple Living, Rhonda Jean, asked us to share and I want to tell my story. 
We have not always had a simple life, in fact we ran and ran for the longest time and still do occasionally.  But Shannon and I know that there is a greater life out there to be had.  We are still very much a work in progress, sometimes we think we need or want to do ‘more’ and then the sweetness of our homestead, watching our children grow up and loving time with each other gives us a reminder.  
We choose not to have lots of new clothes, we choose for me to be a stay at home wife and mother, we choose to homeschool our children so we can keep them close and learn alongside each other.  
We are learning the art of planting, growing, harvesting and canning our own food…
We love knowing these foods are healthy, they have not been tampered with, nothing artificial has been added, they are pure, and simply good for you.
I cook from scratch, we don’t buy prepackaged foods, or convenience items… rarely do we go out to eat.  I try to buy our food in bulk when money allows and I look for special values on meat and fruit that I can’t or have yet to grow around here. I work very hard to give our family a very healthy lifestyle we limit white sugar, white flour and additives and fillers. We grind our grain and bake our own breads.  By cutting back on ‘junk’ foods we can afford to replace them with much healthier alternatives.
I can sew and make things.  I crochet dishcloths and blankets.  I have learned to quilt and I can make skirts and dresses for the girls and myself.  I find these types of ‘old fashioned’ skills soothing.  I enjoy them greatly and am teaching my children and sharing that love with them.  
We are on a journey, we are learning every day how to live more simply.
Our lives are far from glamorous, but I relish our moments, I enjoy our togetherness and I wouldn’t trade our Simple Life for any other life out there…
My Cup Runneth Over…Chas


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