Monday, April 21, 2008

Learning can happen Anywhere!

Good Morning!  As you all know we homeschool our children.  And one thing I love about homeschooling is that you can learn anywhere!  Friday we had accomplished a lot early and the children were wanting to do something else… so I said alright, help me gather some things together.  We got some sandwiches, napkins, a camera (of course), and this and that and we were off… 
And what a lovely spot for inspiration.  We had our lunch and then got out our sketch books and everyone went to drawing something God had designed in nature.

If you notice all my children thus far are lefties, Abram had just swapped hands before I took the picture, so we are not sure what he is going to be just yet.  And it was so interesting to see what the kids came up with to draw.  Eli drew a large pile of brush that was gathered in the middle of the creek, Carlie drew us at the creek, Cameo drew a wildflower and Abram drew triangles   That kid with his love of triangles. 
We played, we talked about different types of rocks and butterflies we saw, we talked about the history of the creek, there used to be a mill there. 
It was a great time had by all and we hope to do it again soon.  It just goes to show you, we don’t have to be here at home in our desk, we can be out in God’s creation learning more about Him and what He has made, because learning is a natural process if we look at things the right way!
Have a beautiful day!

My Cup Runneth Over…Chas

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