Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Birthday, my Son!

My big boy is 6 years old today! Elijah Haywood!!!!
Oh I love you so very much son. I am so proud of you.  
You are so special… so smart and handsome.
Such a big boy now… growing into a man of God. 
God has a plan for you my Son, I am eager to watch it unfold…
I love you as much as a Moma can love… 


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our trip to Missouri...

Our trip to Missouri was a pleasant one.  We saw many beautiful sights and were in awe of the handiwork of our God.  So much beauty to behold, and it tends to leave me speechless. 
Being in GA, we have a good ways to drive, we went through Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri and then we drove over into Iowa and Nebraska also.  
This was BY FAR the longest we have ever been from home.  
We of course saw the Arch in St. Louis…
The land was really, really beautiful. Some land was as flat as a pancake, others were amazing rolling hills.
The windmills were incredible, we are going to do a little unit study on them.
And the older ones…
The kids and I were playing outside.
I love the sky in this picture.
At the highest part of my Dad’s land…
We saw LOTS of these road signs while exploring…
A friend of my Dad’s raises turkeys, they were a hoot!
Sunset over the bottom land… glorious.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It's Groovy baby...

The kids and I are still learning about Venus.
Now don’t go and  get that Bananarama song stuck in your head… 
Yeah, baby, she’s got it…
I warned you!
I’m your Venus, I’m your fire…
Stop, stop now!  :)
Ok, so as I said, we are studying Venus and Venus is Chock-FULL of volcano’s. It’s the hottest planet in the Solar-System! Hot lava all over the place.
So I thought we should make our own lava lamps for fun.
We started with this…
A clean jar
Oil (cheap oil)
Food coloring
Effervescent tablets
Cute kids… not a requirement but a great bonus if you have them! :) 
Take your jar and fill it half full with oil.
Then, add water til your jar is 3/4 full (yeah, we’re doing math!)
Now what is happening?
What do you say? The water and the oil are separating? (SCIENCE!)
Cool, huh?
Drop in a couple to eight drops of food coloring and stare intently like Abram!
(The boy’s jar is a bit cloudy because we shook it a lot in the beginning)
Weird… they bead up for a while and look like eggs floating around in a strange goo.
Plop in an alka-seltzer and watch the show!
It’s alive, It’s ALIVE!
Here’s a picture of the girls jar, it looks a bit clearer and a little less like gamma radiation that was used in The Hulk.
Once it quits bubbling you can pop your lid on and rock it back and forth and watch the lava flow. 
And smile because you will have some pretty amazed kids and some pretty nifty projects.
Have fun!


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Craft Festival

Reusable Shopping Bags, Quilt Squares, Baby Bibs, Ribbon Tails
Hi there friends.  I sure hope you have all had a nice weekend.  This weekend was like a whirlwind for us.  Thankfully it is over and we can get back to life as usual! :) 

Of course you know that the craft festival was Saturday.  I worked and worked to get everything finished up.  I had several nights of little rest.  The show itself was great.  I was able to talk to a lot of nice people, I visited with my Aunt, Uncle and Cousins who I don’t get to spend a lot of time with… It was fun.  As for the sales… I made slightly more than breaking even.  And that is ok. :)   At least I didn’t get in the red, right? :) 
Plus, I was able to give out my card and hopefully I will get some business
 through my etsy. The sight from walking across the bridge… the front of our booth.
Homemade Honey Peach Jam… mmmm!My You Pick Pumpkin Patch!Pretty Autumn Set up going into our booth.
In other news, Shannon has a meeting with a former employer.  One thing is it is just a couple of minutes away from home… LESS GAS! :) It has fairly good benefits, health, vacation, sick time.  The bad… well, we are not going to look at the bad right now.  We are just going to wait and see what happens.  
I appreciate all your prayers and support through all our trials.  It is so incredibly nice to know that they’re are people whom you have never ‘met’ that are praying for you and your family.  You guys are a tremendous blessing to me!


Monday, August 11, 2008

2008/2009 Homeschool Year

Good Morning!
Today will begin our first official day of Homeschool 2008/2009.  Here in GA we have to have an attendance sheet.  So today is when we officially start keeping track for this year. I am anxious to get started. 
We had quite a busy weekend, full of fun things to do and work around the home.  
Friday night we went swimming at the city pool, there was a private party there and it was SO much fun! Noah a little boy from our church is in remission of cancer.  It was exciting and I think everyone had a blast celebrating this special time with him and his family!
Carlie Jean
Cameo and Taylor being silly…
Saturday we went into town to get a belt for the lawnmower and ended up running everywhere to find one.  While we were there we got the kids their birthday present.  
My Mom and Sister suggested an aquarium and it was a great idea.  We got the kit and set it up.  Tomorrow afternoon we will be getting fish for it, but for now, it is so beautiful we just enjoy looking at it even without fish! :) 


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Anniversary to us...

Good Morning Friends… You might have been wondering where I was yesterday.  I had full intentions of coming by, but I just did not get to…
Yes, yesterday was our Anniversary! 
Sadly we spent most of it at the Doctor for Shannon’s injury.  The Eye Doctor could not get his eye to go to 20/20, but it was because he has a stunned optic nerve.  She said the blow to the face caused that of course. 
Praise The Lord when we got to his next doctor, she said his CT scan was good, no bleeding on the brain.  Which was a worry because of his light headedness and dizziness. We just Praise God!!  The doctor’s believe him to be able to recover fully, but he is still a ways away.  He has went in to work today, they may send him home because of the MANY restrictions he is on until his next doctor visit Monday.
So please, continue to pray for him.
All of our day was not doctors and work issues, we had WONDERFUL babysitters for the children who urged us to do something fun before we came home, so we went to watch The Dark Knight… it was SO scary, and NOT for children!! I am glad we were alone! 
Then we came home and organized our closet together… aren’t we romantic?
I tell you, that spoke to my Love Language though!!  I love organization!!!!! :) 
But before we hit the hay at um, like 9:30… haha (for real!) we toasted our love to one another… Cameo got out our wedding glasses, and our cake topper for a pretty background… and I had the Sparkling Grape Juice chilled (got it on clearance! WOOT!) and we had a special little moment to ourselves.
Trips to the Caribbean are nice, fancy jewelery is fine, but just give me my beloved… he is enough of a gift for me!!!!
I LOVE You Shannon!!!!!
Have a lovely day everyone and go give your spouse a squeeze if he is close by!


Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Tribute to my Daughter on her Birthday

You blessed our lives eleven years ago today.  You were such a beautiful baby.  Everyone at church was so excited because there had not been any babies for a while until you… 
Over the years you have grown… more wonderful and beautiful every day.  You have such a tender heart, you get that from your Moma. 
You have such a love for animals and you are so nurturing and loving.  You also, tend to like to have things in such a way… you get that from your Moma too! 
You are the apple of my eye, Cameo.I love being your Mother, I love being able to hold you and comfort you when you are sad.  I love being able to laugh with you when we are being silly, I love you even when you are a ‘grumpy bear’.  Remember when you were little and would wake up and I would ask you how you were… you would sometimes say you were a ‘grumpy bear’… I love you, my wonderful Cameo.
You are my first little love, you hold a special place in my heart.  You are such a fantastic big sister, you are a terrific little Moma in training…
Your brothers and sister look up to you sooooo much
Cameo, I hope today is so special for you.  I want it to be a great birthday… I love you so much.
Happy Birthday my wonderful, beautiful, precious Cameo.
Your Moma
May 29, 2008