Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Chicken Stock Part 1

Well, I finally got started with my cook-a-long project today!  I got a bit of a late start but I am well on my way to some healthy stock tomorrow!
I went to Walmart this morning with my Mom and picked up a few things I needed around the house and also went in search of a roasting pan, They did not have any in stock at this time and it was a bummer but I found one that I was able to borrow! YEAH!!
I also found some little chickens on sale too!!! I got one for $2 and one for $3! 
Here is the roaster and my rinsed chickens…

Setting the temperature…

A picture of the roaster doing its thing on top of my washing machine!  I really liked it that it didn’t heat up my house and it was on for a few hours!!

Look at all that chicken! Yum!

And the veggies are in and it is time to let it go for the night!

I will be working toward getting me one of these roasters, it was so handy! I liked how I could put it in the laundry room and it doesn’t take up my counter space and that it didn’t heat up the house! That was a big one with the weather we have been having lately! I think possibly it is finally starting to cool down… I hope!
In other news, I finished my first quilting project earlier today!
It is by no means great, but I am very tickled that I have actually done it all start to finish! 

I put a little rick-rack around the edges…

I loved sitting and stitching… it was so relaxing…
I stitched while Shannon and I watched a movie last night,
I stitched for a few minutes before breakfast this morning, 
I stitched while Abram was laying down for his nap, 
So fun and handy to tote with you!

It is time to turn in for the night! 
I hope everyone has had a wonderful day and I hope you have a terrific tomorrow!!!!!
My Cup Runneth Over…Chas


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