Friday, August 10, 2007

This and That and my baby has a birthday...

Friends… I am so sorry I have been away for so long!  I do intend on blogging every morning, but there are occasions where life gets too busy and this past weekend was one of those occasions!
Friday was my baby boys birthday!!!!  He is now 2 and I am in awe at how this little fella has grown!! I can hardly believe 2 years have gone by since his birth.  Here is a little about his birth.  Cameo and I went to the doctor.  For some reason Dr. Roberts (my ob) wanted to wait until 39 weeks instead of his normal 38 week c-section.  I went in at 38 weeks and a few days and was indeed READY.  My blood pressure was slightly up, my hands and feet were swollen terribly… I had pregnancy carpal tunnel, I was a bit of a mess!  We went in and saw Dr. Roberts and he said that he would put me in but he wanted me to have a amniocentesis performed before he delivered me that afternoon.  I was soooo scared and Cameo and I prayed all the way there and I called and had my family praying as well.  I was sent to a Doctor that had actually saw my Sister when she was labeled as ‘high risk’.  I went in still praying that this would NOT happen.  A U/S tech did a scan and then the doctor came in.  He said…"Now tell me why is it you are here."  I went through the story that Dr. Roberts wanted to go ahead and deliver me but he wanted to make sure that my baby was ready so he thought I should have the amnio done to make sure.  The high risk Dr. laughed… He said, "Honey, Go and have your baby.  You are at 38+ weeks, you don’t have enough fluid around the baby to have an amnio and he is PLENTY ready!"
Praise the Lord!!! We were so thankful for that answered prayer.  So I was admitted to the hospital with Cameo in tow with me! She was there for the whole process!  The blood work, the admittance, all of it! She was even the one to call and tell her Daddy we were going to have the baby today! It was such a special memory! 
Well, that afternoon I was taken into the O.R. and had a bit of a hard time.  The spinal block that is given for sections was not doing quite right.  I was stuck 3 times! Now 1 time is MORE than enough to be stuck in the back with a needle…3 times was a great excess!!!  I panicked a couple of times because a sensation shot down through one side of my body and I thought I was going to be paralyzed!! But thank the Lord, the anesthesiologist was able to work it out and get it right.  I had never done well under anesthesia and I as usual, began to get sick pretty quickly.  I was being cut open on one end and gagging on the other.  But it wasn’t too long before I had a unbelievably beautiful and red little boy!!  He was 8 lbs and 14 ounces and sooooo cute! 
My little man isn’t that red anymore, he is quite blonde and adorable!!
Happy Birthday my littlest love!!!
To celebrate his birthday we went to Lake Winnie!  It was the last week day that Shannon had off before he would start his new job.  So we doubled up on school work on Thursday so we could have Friday to go and play.
It was terribly hot and so draining that we split our day up into two parts.  We went first thing that morning and stayed till 1.
Then we went home and rested and went back that night about 7.  Yes, we are insane!!!  The night time was sooo much more enjoyable!  We were all dog tired but we had a great time!
That afternoon, my sister and bro-n-law and nephew came with us, so that added to the enjoyment! 
We stayed till after dark and was sure that we had had enough Lake Winnie to last us a good long while!

I have a request, to all those who read this day.  My husband has started a new job this morning and he is a be nervous.  A brand new field and a brand new start. I got up this morning very early to help him get on his way…
And we sat together and I shared Phil 4:6 with him to quiet his fears…

Philippians 4:6 (King James Version)

 Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.
So if  you remember today, whisper a prayer for him and I appreciate you all so much!!!


Friday, August 3, 2007


This morning, I am writing about someone dear to me.  I have been inspired to blog about this for many reasons.  July 31st was the 10 year anniversary of my Grandmothers, whom I lovingly call Nannie Red, death.  Jewels posted about people who were dear to her from childhood and then posed the question, Who inspired you…, also a very dear friend of mine lost her Grandmother and she was buried on the anniversary of my Nannies death.
My Nannie Red… what can I say about this woman to give you a glimpse into how wonderful she was while she was here on this earth? 
She LOVED to laugh… I am often told of how I am likened to her because of my silly sense of humor and love of laughter.  She and I would laugh at the same things, the same movies and so much more… My Uncle Simon also has this crazy sense of humor, and when we are together we are usually talking and giggling throughout the visit. 
She LOVED her family… nothing suited her better than for us all to gather together for a family day.  I remember those days like they were just yesterday… We would go over rather early and we would start preparing for lunch.  Which was usually a large lunch and it usually wasn’t until 2:00.  So there was many "MOM… when are we going to eat???" questions, and many taste testers running in and out of the kitchen grabbing a bite of this and that.  We were all so close that I felt as close to my cousins as my immediate family and to this day we are, well some of us, are still very close. I remember that one of my jobs was the slaw.  When I got to help in the kitchen I made the slaw… I made it on one of these…

 I wish so bad I had my Nannies, I have been looking for one at yard sales forever it seems like, and I still haven’t found one.  So I ended up buying one on ebay. 
 There was lots of horse-shoe pitching, story telling, walking through Nannies garden… something I didn’t treasure as much then as I would now.   We would sometimes have to take naps when we were younger and it was a time getting so many to lay down in a pallet… while we laid there we knew that the grown-ups had to be having so much fun, and we ACHED to be out there.
Another thing my Nannie loved dearly was homemaking.  Cleaning, gardening, canning, sewing, quilting, crocheting… on and on was her list of abilities.  
It seemed every time we went for a visit the house was re-arranged and always clean.  She could take a room and even if it seemed that there was NO way you could fit something else in there, she could rearrange it to make it fit and look fabulous! My Mom now possesses this gift and I hope to have it one day as well! 
One of my favorite memories is when we would go over to Nannies to pick and break and can beans.  I remember such lively conversations while breaking the beans and I remember her pressure cooker with that little jiggle knob going off, and I remember the tongs to remove the hot jars, and I remember the BEAUTIFUL jars of bright green lovely beans sitting along the counter cooling.  
My Nannie taught me my first bit of crochet, I am still NO expert, but I have crocheted blankets, pot holders and scarves!    I also remember her sewing room.  Tons of scraps of fabric, her sewing machine and her serger humming away…. tables for cutting and piecing and just an allurement for me, that I believe gave me such desires that I now have for sewing and crafting.  I have a few of the things Nannie made me, that I use in my home NOW!!! I received this little doll more than 16 years ago… 
Even then I knew what I wanted my kitchen to look like and how I sooooo desired my own home!  I wanted to be many things throughout my life, but one constant was a wife and mother.  
Another item that still graces my home is on my bed.  Nannie made me several sets of embroidered pillow cases.  I have a set on my bed and my youngest daughter is sooooo fond of them, she HAS to have one on her pillow so she can rub the handiwork as she sleeps….

This particular set was given to me on my 18th birthday… many moons ago eh?? I will be 32 this November.  
I have such fond memories of my Nannie, and many times I think of how much I wish that she had met her great-grandchildren and how much she would have loved to see them and how I wish they knew the wonderful woman whom I miss so much.  But I know that she is with our Lord… and that makes everything so much easier.  
***So Georja…. remember, relish and reflect on the beauty that was Mrs. Grant and know that you will ALWAYS keep a special place in your heart for her, and know there is a glad reunion day a’coming.